Putting Families First
 Running For Markham Regional Councillor 

Housing affordability Along with Planning & Development
We need Rethink the lengthy and costly Planning and Development process to facilitate the building of desperately needed homes and services for a growing population in York Region and Greater Toronto Area. Development charges, interest/carrying costs, planning are adding unnecessary costs and “piling” on to overall costs. If we tackle these items.

Our land use & banking strategy has to include land for the building of affordable and non-profit, assisted living, & seniors housing. This may include partnership with the private sector as our investment in the development of housing.

Furthermore, the use of Section 37 funds should also be earmarked for the development of housing, perhaps not in whole but in part or as a proportional investment in our communities. 

As a region / housing service manager, the Region needs to obtain allocations for subsidies be it from the Ministry of Housing and or Health or Community Services in order to be able to sustain housing in the community for our families.  
Improving Transportation
Short Term Transportation solutions  

• I would expand and update existing traffic control technology. Technology exists where can teach computers to monitor traffic flow and adjust as required. For example if more traffic flows south in the morning allow more lanes to service that need. University of Toronto is conducting leading edge research in this field. This is in our front yard let us make use of it!  

• Harmonize signal lights - if someone is traveling the set speed limit traffic, lights should allow that motorist to travel through several lights without stopping.  

• Set a minimum speed limit and enforce it! There may be pushback to this idea but think about the costs associated with poor slow driving; from accidents, traffic slowdowns, and gridlock to everything else associated with gridlock.  

• Expand traffic control information, connected to point #1, to motorists informing them about problems. This works really well in other cities.  

• Where possible install "roundabouts", no sitting at lights idling needlessly, proceed as required. Again, a great idea slowing gaining popularity here but works well in many other countries!  

• Discontinue on-street parking on primary roads like Yonge Street during rush hour(s) of course adjustments are made to places like economic/tourist areas such Main St Unionville or Markham.   

• All roadwork contracts MUST stipulate that work is undertaken minimum 18 hours per day and needs to be coordinated with other services like Hydro, Waterworks, phone etc... no more one week the road is replaced, the next hydro tears it up to replace their infrastructure, the week after works rips it all out to do their work. This needs to be coordinated by one central competent section!    

• Get minor accidents off the road ASAP; in other cities, tow trucks patrol primary roadways during rush hour and remove accidents within 15 minutes to allow traffic to flow. Drivers are trained, have cameras, measuring tools, recorders etc... required to document any problems. Why not here?  

• Police - I am a big supporter! However why can they not move off to the side street or on the shoulder why addressing traffic violations. Works well in other cities.   

• Develop and expand information programs advising about transportation alternatives. Longer Term Transportation solutions  

• New development/growth and transit has to be synchronized. No growth until both the infrastructure and most importantly transit is in place.  

• Planning MUST include employment lands where possible so that people may work in close proximity to their homes and families.   Ensure that capacity is put into place for future technology enhancements so that more people may work at home.  

• Yell and scream and advocate loudly for the building of great clean, consist and cost-effective public transit! In addition, when we as a city plan make it compatible with future public transit considerations so that it supports Metrolinx in their work and benefits us sooner. Also study other cities like New York, London, Tokyo, Rome, Seoul; they all have one characteristic in common, their transportation is circular with spokes in design, yet the GTA transit is a big U with a line (Bloor/Danforth) across the middle.   

• This will be a little controversial but make driving a little more expensive; the more it costs, the more people will be inclined to switch to public transit.  

• Put in place initiatives and programs, yes there are some but not visible enough, to promote alternative transit measures, bikes, carpooling, public transit (after it is built of course) that will trigger attitude and social change and reduce desirability to drive.  

• Advocate for a Regional Transportation Commission, not transit, that deals with road/highway issues we can go to that will allow for a more timely resolution of more immediate concerns such as the Steeles Ave East expansion with our neighbours to the south.  

• Advocate for a GTA Regional Public Transit body that will allow for the combining of all transit bodies making the public transit system more cost effective (no more double fares north of Steeles), consistent and clean!
Safety & Crime
Given the recent events in the GTA coupled with increasing domestic crime it is imperative that the York Region Police are provided with the tools, human resources, and support to ensure our safety, security, and well-being.

In addition, I would advocate that police presence is increased on the roads, particularly in proximity to residential and school areas where there have been increasing incidents involving pedestrian traffic – we need to keep our streets safe from uncontrolled drivers. The third component is increased education:

• For traffic safety
• For personal security 
• In cases of emergency - floods, fires, snow/ice storms, lack of electricity
Services for Seniors
We have to work on programs that will allow it seniors to age in place, to live in the community close to their families and support systems. 

Support them with services like 

• Improved property tax credits to 
• Removal of snow windrows 
• Home accessibility enhancement programs like the Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program to facilitate accessible and safe outdoor spaces and buildings
• Support for improved Public Health Services 
• Advocating for the building of seniors homes along with and the expansion of supportive housing programs. • Improved transportation 
• Improved communication and providing information – great topic to consider especially during this Get Out The Vote time here Markham which speaks to allowing seniors to participate in our city/region
My underlying position is that Markham taxes are fairly well in-line, could be tweaked, but are fair. York Region does not have revenue problem, it has a spending problem, – and the debt is serious, large and needs to be addressed immediately before serious ramifications take place.

Unless serious complications arise, tax increases should be capped at 1% at both the Region and the City – this should suffice for addressing the needs of operating budgets at both levels.
Pickering Airport
A Federal/Provincial Government initiative that is starting to take fruition. Recent announcements by the federal government have indicated that the size of the airport has been reduced, the land transferred to Rouge Valley Park System and to developers, see City of Seaton, but the airport is proceeding. 

As a region and city, we need to be proactive in ensuring that flight paths are adjusted to minimize disturbance to Markham. We also need to adjust travel ways that will severely affect local traffic and services. Roads such as Steeles east of Markham Road will need to be adjusted to accommodate the increased volume.
Economic Development
The city should have a multi-pronged approach to economic development starting with a strong Economic Development Department and well-qualified staff, they are the ones to work out the details etc... however 

• I would start with supporting our Chamber of Commerce and various Business Improvement Associations; Old Unionville and Markham are good examples. 

• I would insist on constant capacity and competitiveness assessments. 

• Other matters are to consider are housing options for people working here - we want healthy and complete communities – community centres, parks, schools where people work, live and play (part of the planning process) 

• We should also make major improvements to roads and transportation, much is to be done to streamline traffic lights, traffic flow, and information system for drivers etc... Public transit is handled by the Provincial Government

I would advocate strongly for York Region/Markham's fair share for public transit, especially up near where you live and beyond into Pickering where the new City of Seaton will be built along with the new Pickering Airport - we will be flooded with transportation issues along with associated problems; we need to preplan to address this now before it severely impacts our city, families and places undue encumbrances on our infrastructure and resources. 
Youth unemployment is high and particularly exasperated by poor, costly transit and lack of affordable housing. Good homegrown experience and talent is forced out of our city and we lose out on good ideas and consequently resources to further enhance our city/region. Markham/York Region youth for the most part are tech savvy, well-educated entrepreneurial and not risk averse. 

If provided with opportunity, guided by a solid economic development strategy and supported we may be surprised with outcomes. I would support developing/enhance:

• The Economic Development Strategy 
• In partnership with the Board of Trade /Chamber of Commerce and various other business Associations mentoring and development opportunities
• Providing temporary space for start-up /incubation 
• Assisting with links to financial assistance/seed funding
Snow Windrows
Simple solution with a onetime cost and longtime benefit in the reduction of injuries, support for seniors and people with physical challenges. Installation of a secondary plow to remove the windrows is required.
The Federal government legalized it like alcohol, the provincial government regulates it, ie: makes the rules for use and York Region/Markham have the responsibility for enforcement. Nevertheless, smoking is known to be cancer causing including secondary and tertiary exposure. 

Legality however does not mean that it is a "free for all". Like cigarettes/cigars etc... smoking should not be allowed in public places or where it affects other unwilling participants – for example smoking in a car with children and or other unwilling participants where it affects their health. 

Since smoke “travels”, the rules should be a hybrid of what governs smoking and alcohol. Use it where it does not affect others in any form – be it smoking in a park where people/children are and are exposed to second hand smoke or in a car where impairment endangers others.

If you want to use PLEASE BE RESPONSIBLE! If you want to smoke fine, just do not expose us to cancer. Education and enforcement are necessary. As a candidate, I will support the wants/needs of the of the voters of Markham. I welcome an ongoing discussion and input from the people of Markham so that we can get this right the first time. 
City of Seaton (East Side)
The New City of Seaton, a large development on the east border of Markham, on the north side of Pickering is projected to house 70,000 people plus. Pressure on our infrastructure, traffic, our recreation areas will increase immensely and we will need to negotiate with our neighbours as to how to handle the demand. 
Full Service Gas Stations
Many residents have indicated that there is a need for a variety of reasons. I would make it a requirement that every 5th station built within the region/city is Full-Service which would immensely assist people with physical challenges, our seniors, and others that are unable to service their vehicle.
(RQS) Referendum Question System 
Recent volatile debate over issues such as the arena, casinos and cannabis have shown that residents care and want to be informed and involved – I would propose that we develop a system such as the election system ( electronic voting) be implemented so that residents can have their say quickly and efficiently
Complete transparency, disclosure, and updates should be presented by all members of Council that are within the confines of legislation – nothing more nothing less!
NO Casinos in Markham
Dear Neighbour,
Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.

I have lived in Markham for over 34 years, and together with my wife Eda DiGiovanni-Pavlovic are raising our family here in Markham and I am proud to be putting my name forward as a candidate for Markham Regional Council.

As a longtime resident, I have seen Markham grow from a small town into a City. Unfortunately, this growth leaves us facing some serious problems that affect our daily lives.

This site has a few tabs/issues that address these issues and may be of interest to you. Please do not hesitate to email with any concerns, comments and ideas that you may have.

On October 22, 2018, I would appreciate your support to ensure that Markham returns to being a great place to live, work and play.  


Peter Pavlovic
 Running For Markham Regional Councillor 
Peter Pavlovic - Copyright 2018